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Laughing Pug

The Laughing Pug Drip Coffee Ba

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Perfect for enjoying at your business, home, on-the-go or while travelling, our drip coffee filters will revolutionise your coffee game. 

Our drip bags, carefully made with the perfect ground organic arabica beans, are ideal for enjoying anywhere, anytime, all while amazing the senses and transporting you to your favourite coffee shop.


PNG Gold (Papau New Guinea) - Delicious premium coffee that displays amazing aroma and body with smooth creamy chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

Certified Organic (Papau New Guinea) - Slow roasted to a medium brown colour which displays good acidity and body with caramel and nutty flavours.

Doggfather Blend - The base of the blend is Papua New Gunea (the same as the PNG Gold). This gives the creamy almost chocolatey flavours along with a smooth, nice body. Balancing this the Colombian Medellin adds in a little acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran Mandheling rounds out the blend with complex flavours, a very full body, and a long finish. Putting it all together you have a blend that is well balanced. Smooth, yet flavourful with good body.

Swiss Wash Decaf (Colombia) - Smooth, darker roast provides a mellow, low acid flavour with medium body and sweetness.